“Marriage is Great Weekends” 

"Marriage is Great Weekends" 

 “Marriage is Great Weekends”


Enjoy a weekend experiencing the 7 top blessings in marriage, marital bliss is yours and is available for every couple. This weekend is loaded with bible truths of your identity in Jesus and all that Jesus has accomplished for you and your spouse.  Vince & I love sharing these wonderful truths of the blessings that are in your marriage, you will experience Christ in you and as a couple on a whole new level..

Experience all that God has for you, as a believer the kingdom of God is inside of you, speak forth co-creating with Jesus all that you desire. Jesus is our everything, He is our joy, healing, prosperity, giving, light & salt, purposes, dreams etc. realize all of the kingdom is ours in Christ! As a couple all that we desire is in Jesus, meditate on all of His wonderful promises in the Word and receive all that He has for you as a couple… Jesus loves blessing you in every-way, what ever is in His Word receive with all your heart, hold hands and agree with Jesus and His Word, it is yours! If this sounds exciting to you than come and enjoy the fullness of these teachings for your marriage!

Vince & I will lay in bed holding hands and speaking the WORD of God in us, around us and all over us. We agree to receive all that Jesus has paid the price for, we realize & receive from His heart to ours, it is so beautiful and the mystical union we have with Jesus is heavenly!

Try it, as a couple you will love His presence, have a kingdom heart, live from a place that is heavenly, JESUS in you!

Vince & I have been experiencing such sweet marital bliss in Jesus, He is our source for life & life abundant.                  We have received from Jesus the sweet realization that He loves us so much and He has truly restored us to the garden by dying for our sins and giving us every blessing that He has always wanted all of us to have in the garden. We live in a kingdom mentality “on earth as it is in heaven,” the our Father is packed with blessing and truth to live in, all that heaven is, is available for all of us, as you read His word the bible know that every promise is already packed inside of you as a believer, just realize it and receive…

Invite Couples; Jesus is the answer for every situation; Jesus is the way, the truth and the life for all people…


Holy Spirit is God, the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit are one, they created us in their image and likeness… Wow just meditate on that for awhile, we are one with God Almighty, we are packing God Himself in us, this is where our identity comes from this is where our confidence comes from, the WORD OF GOD tells us our confidence is in Jesus, not as the world teaches self confidence and self everything, no our whole being and confidence is in Christ, I trust in who Jesus is in me, it is all of Him and none of me, total dependence in Jesus… Jesus is our way, our truth and our life, it is in Him that we have our being, He is our existence. We sit here in awe of Him & His majesty, we sit here realizing we are so loved and we are so treasured by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He has given all that He is and that He has to all of us, wow what a Good God we have… Holy Spirit is Gods glory poured out in us and on us, we receive all the He is and all that has for us. Jesus said it is best that I go, so that the comforter Holy Spirit can come, we are so blessed to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit…

HOLY SPIRIT is the love and power in us 1 Corinthians chapters 12 & 13

His beautiful and powerful love for us is so glorious, it can only be experienced, ask Holy Spirit to rise up in you and to rock your world with His presence, you will never be the same!

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